Frequently asked questions about campaigns

Can I use an account with delegated ads access?

No. Twitter's API does not support this. You need to have the username and password to the account you want to run a campaign behind and authorise that account on Iris. Authorising an account with delegated ads access will not work.

Can I use a protected account?

Iris only supports campaigns on public Twitter accounts that are verified.

Can I send a Broadcast with a Twitter Broadcast link through Iris?

Yes. Create the Broadcast and set it to be Draft.
When you get the broadcast link, edit the Broadcast and paste the link into the end of the copy, then Schedule or Send Now.

Can I replace a Trigger Tweet?

Yes, you can replace a Trigger Tweet in an active campaign by adding in the new Trigger Tweet and linking any instant actions to it.
Make sure the new Trigger Tweet is enabled. Delete the old Trigger Tweet if you're no longer using it.

Can I perform geo-targeting?

Yes, you need to set up an individual campaign per region you will be promoting and associate a targeted Trigger Tweet.
If you need help promoting tweets in different regions, please reach out to your Twitter Partner Manager.

Can I get individual user data for users who have interacted with my campaign?

No, for privacy reasons we cannot make that data available to you.
We have Information Security clearance with Twitter and as such have committed to not sharing user data from campaigns.
You will be able to download your entire audience hashed to Twitter's specifications.

How do I set up an organic Tweet as a trigger?

If you're setting up a campaign that's using an organic Tweet as a Trigger we recommend setting up the Auto-Response and Opt-out before creating the organic tweet.
Once you're happy with the existing setup, create the organic Tweet on Twitter, then paste it as a Trigger.
Make sure the Trigger is enabled and your campaign should work as expected.

Do I have to set up a separate Like or Retweet ruleset for a trigger tweet?

We recommend that if you want to use both a Like & Retweet rule for a trigger tweet, you do set them up individually. We also recommend that you have different copy for each interaction type.

Can I change my campaign while it is active?

Absolutley. All ruleset changes impact your campaign in real time. You can add as many trigger or rules as you want to your campaign while it's running.
If you're adding trigger tweets or rules to your campaign, test them before you promote the trigger tweet or promote the hashtag rule.

Can I preview Twitter Cards on Iris?

Unfortunately not. If your auto-response is using a twitter card, Twitter does not provide us with a way to show you a preview of your creative. This is why we recommend you import creative from Dark Tweets into Iris and test your campaigns before you start promotion.

Where are the analytics for my campaign?

All analytics can be viewed under the metrics tab. Read our Campaign Analytics documentation for more info.

Can I use hashflags/emoji hashtags in my campaign?

Yes! As all campaigns run on Twitter, your hashflags will render to all users using the web or native clients. Make sure that your hashflag doesn't expire before your campaign finishes, reach out to your Twitter Account Manager to make sure the Hashflag campaign is aligned with your promotional campaign.

Can I use a custom emoji in my campaign?

Unfortunately not, we only support emoji that twitter supports. For more information on what emoji twitter supports, please review the Twitter Emojipedia entry.
Last modified 7mo ago