Brand Safety
How the Campaign App Brand Safety tools help protect your Brand online
The Campaigns App has several features in place to help you run a successful campaign whilst also protecting your brand when running campaigns.

How Brand Safety Tools Work

The Block List and Profanity List systems work in a hierarchy to make sure users who engage with your campaigns.
    If a user's Twitter ID is on the block list, all campaigns you are running will ignore all events from that user. They won't see auto-responses, they won't get added to audiences.
    If the user uses a term in the block list when engaging with your brand, or has that term in their display name or twitter username or in their tweet, they will be ignored, please note they are not added to the block list.
    Both step 1 and step 2 happen before any campaign logic is applied.
    If a user is blocked for Block List or Profanity reasons, a record will be added to the event log. If you have partner status you can view these events to verify which users have been blocked, for which reasons.

Block List

Block List
The Block List allows you to provide a list of accounts that will be blocked from interacting with all of your campaigns. Users added to this list will be ignored by the Campaigns App, silently. They will not receive auto-responses, and will not be added to audiences for any of your campaigns (thus they will not receive broadcasts) while their twitter ID is on this list.
If the user is added to a block list after being added to a campaign, they will not be removed from the audience of any campaigns and will not be able to opt out as all tweets or events from that user will be ignored.

Profanity List

Profanity List
The profanity list allows you to provide a series of terms for the Campaigns App to ignore. Any user who has the term in their user name (@username) or their display name, or the content of their tweet (if you are doing emoji or hashtag triggers) will be ignored by Iris.
The profanity list does a full sentence check for the presence of any terms so be careful. For example blocking the term rat would trigger on the phrase 'rationalisation' or 'bureaucrat'. The Profanity list gives you the flexibility to use specific terms for your campaigns so you can keep your brand safe. Take note that the comparisons are all case insensitive. The term RAT in the profanity list will match the term bureaucrat.
Please note that a user triggering a profanity filtering will not add them to the block list, the block list is a manual process.
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