Configuring an Opt-Out
Adhering to Twitter automation guidelines.
Every single campaign you run is required to have an opt-out mechanic.
Twitter's Automation Guidelines have very strict requirements for opt-out mechanisms:
    The user must be able to reply with a hashtag (normally #stop)
    The user must get a tweet response confirming they have been opted out
Running campaigns in violation of Twitter's automation rules can lead to your account being suspended or permanently banned from Twitter.

Opt Out Basics

    Users can only opt-out after they have opted in to the campaign and been added to an audience
    A user can opt out by tweeting #stop at your campaign handle
    A user will then receive the opt-out auto reply in response, confirming they have opted out
    If a user opts out they will not receive any broadcasts
    A user who has opted out is able to opt-in again to the campaign by interacting with your trigger tweets
    When a user opts out they will be added to the Unsubscribe List, so you can track how many users have opted out

Configuring an Opt-Out

When you create a default campaign, you'll have an opt-out template in your rulesets, you're responsible for making sure this is filled out before your campaign goes live. The default opt-out hashtag is #stop. You'll need to make sure that your copy in your auto-replies and your broadcasts include copy along the lines of "Reply #stop to opt out" at the end of your auto-reply copy our your broadcasts.
To configure an opt-out:
    Navigate to the rulesets tab of your campaign
    Scroll down to the Opt-Out ruleset
    Click add action under the Then component of the auto-response
    Configure as you would any other auto-reply in the campaign, making sure your copy makes it clear to the user they have opted out and won't get any further notifications
Your opt-out response needs to confirm to the user that they have opted out but there is also a chance to re-engage them.
Remember, the copy needs to make sense to the user so they understand what #stop does.

Custom Opt-Out (๐Ÿ”’ Proxima Partners Only)

This functionality is restricted to Proxima Partners only. Proxima partners can use custom opt-out hashtags. There are a few requirements:
    If you use a custom hashtag you need to make sure it's included in your auto-responses and your broadcasts
    We do not support hashtags in Right To Left languages, you can only use Left to Right languages for opt-out hashtags as a partner
    You can only use a single hashtag, you cannot have multiple hashtags in an opt out

Configuring your custom opt-out

    Set the hashtag in the rule @mention
    Make sure that a response has been configured for the user
    Don't make modifications to the list removal or the user's status
You must make sure that your response copy includes that hashtag and all broadcasts include your custom hashtag as well.
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