Hashtag Triggers
Using Hashtags to add users to your audience.
Hashtag Triggers are triggers that use a Hashtag and a brand @mention to opt a user into a campaign.
‌All of the instructions below relate to the Rulesets tab under a campaign. You'll need to navigate there before you can make any changes.
Note: Iris only supports hashtags in Left To Right configuration. Iris does not support Right To Left Hashtags currently as triggers.

Adding an Hashtag Trigger

    Click the New dropdown and then choose Mention Auto-Reply
    Fill in the form giving your trigger a name and description
    Click the "Hashtags" pill under "@mention contains the"
    Enter your hashtag. You can use the plus button to require multiple hashtags. The tweet from your user will need to include all of those hashtags to activate the trigger
    Configure your auto-response as you would for any other trigger
    Hit OK
    Save the ruleset, your ruleset is now active

Testing a Hashtag Trigger

Because Hashtag Triggers are extremely customisable, you should test all of the triggers before your campaign goes live. You'll need to use a public account to test the campaign:
    Compose a tweet mentioning your brand's handle and the hashtag(s)
    Send that tweet
    Confirm that you get the auto-response
    Confirm that you're on the audience
If you want to test multiple trigger types (i.e. multiple emoji or hashtag opt-in configurations), make sure you send the opt-out hashtag between tests so your user is reset to having not interacted with the campaign.

Removing an Emoji Trigger

    To remove an emoji trigger, delete the ruleset by clicking the "delete" icon at the bottom of the ruleset
    Then click "Save Rulesets" in the top right
    Users will no longer get an auto-response
Last modified 8mo ago