Concluding a Campaign
Concluding your campaign once you are finished.
Concluding a campaign allows you to finalise and archive a campaign. We recommend only concluding a campaign when you have completely finished all of your work on it.
To conclude a campaign:
    Navigate into the campaign you want to conclude
    Click the Details tab in the campaign
    Click the Conclude Campaign button to conclude the campaign
    NOTE concluding a campaign cannot be undone, so only conclude campaigns when you are completely done with them
Concluding Campaign

Viewing Concluded Campaigns

Concluded campaigns by default are not shown in the campaigns list.
    Navigate to the Campaigns List by clicking the Campaigns button in the top left
    Click the Filter button in the top right
    Enable the checkbox next to concluded campaigns
A concluded campaign will show you the metrics and the audience when the campaign was concluded.
Concluded Campaigns View
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